Principal Investigator / Director

Corbin Jones, Ph.D.


Office: 3159 Genome Sciences Building
Phone: (919) 962-4443

“Broadly, I’m interested in how complex systems produce novel epiphenomena. When not in the lab, I spend my time chasing dogs and children.”
Full Personal Bio



Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Jeremy Wang

Co-advised with Shehzad Z. Sheikh and Terry Furey

“My research focuses on nanopore sequencing, long-read genome assembly and informatics, and the gut microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease. In any spare time, I run and build things out of duplos(tm) with my daughter.”


Dr. Meisha Mandel

Research Associate

“I developed tools for genomic mapping using restriction enzyme digestions as well as a pipeline for analysis of large genomic datasets of Illumina sequencing data to assess microsatellite instability in mismatch repair deficient D. melanogaster flies.”


Graduate Students

Nick Colaianni (BCB)

Co-advised with Jeff Dangl

“I am currently interested in understanding how Arabidopsis Thaliana identifies the microbial community around it. In my free time, I like to hike and play sports.”


Isai Gonzalez (BCB)

Co-advised with Jeff Dangl


Weiwei Li (STOR)

Co-advised with Jan Hannig

“My research focuses on the statistical modeling in genetics. I am particularly interested in developing highly scalable algorithms with a provable performance guarantee.”


Lab Manager / Research Technicians

Betty Wanjiru

Lab Manager

“My research focuses on the fitness costs associated with horizontal gene transfer in bacteria. Additionally, I also study how genetic mutations in Drosophila affect the phenotypic expression of certain traits.”


Charlie Soeder




Houston Culpepper

Assistant Bioinformatician/Cancer



Hongwei Liu

Assistant Bioinformatician/Cancer

“My interests are solving bioinformatics problems with programming and mathematics knowledge, making data speak for itself with data visualization techniques, and bridging the gap between interdisciplinary research in healthcare.


Gan Xu

Assistant Bioinformatician

“My research interests lie at the intersection of Computer Science and Biology. Currently, I’m working on solving amplicon clustering problem.”
Undergraduate Students

Amber Bauer
“My research focuses on horizontal gene transfer in bacteria and the causes of variability in HGT success rate.”


Bhai Rajasekar
“My research interests lie in the fields of bioinformatics and fly pimping.”


Ziddell Yala